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The music and media industry is one
of the oldest hubs for intellectual property.

The concept of musical copyright began during the reign of King Henry VIII of England in the 14th Century. He required copies of all printed matter to be sent to him – and he offered protection to printers in the form of licenses, primarily as a source of revenue.

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provides the strongest rights and royalty management solution for music publishers, video on-demand, master recording owners, and licensees – including record labels, digital content suppliers, and streaming services. Manage your music and media content rights and all your complex royalty calculations within a comprehensive financial system.

Today, the live and recorded music industry alone brings in $20 billion annually through cultivating countless noteworthy artists – and a massive pool of music-loving consumers. While the entertainment industry has seen popular methods of content consumption changing radically over the decade, it is proven to be undoubtedly adaptable to dynamic trends and technologies.

Music and media income has continued to grow in the past five years – thanks to the proliferation of streaming companies. In fact, 80% of recorded music revenue in the USA generates through streaming services like Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and YouTube. Companies operating in music and media categories require unique accounting processes to efficiently track royalties and intellectual property to ensure they get every dollar owed to them.

rights and royalty management solution for music publishers, video on-demand, master recording owners, and licensees – including record labels, digital content suppliers, and streaming services

Video On-Demand

Physical product (CD, Album, DVD) purchases have fallen dramatically in the United States. On demand services and video streaming services with subscription opportunities now reign supreme. Consumers can access movies and TV shows from a plethora of platforms. Video-on-Demand is defined as premium over-the-top, Video-on-Demand (VoD) content, distributed via the internet.

VoD includes three fee-based business models:

  • 1

    Rentals as a single transaction or pay-per-view (Transactional-VoD or

  • 2

    Rentals as subscription-based services (Subscription-VoD or
    SVoD) and

  • 3

    Digital purchases via download or permanent cloud-storage (video downloads, also named electronic-sell-through or EST).

Ad-supported content and services – as well as amateur video content – can also support royalties to participants.

Conduct secure transactions with high-tech encryptions, produce accurate and timely royalty statements, and manage royalty processing with rate escalations as needed – all in one, solution.

Our royalty tracking software enables video on-demand companies to easily track royalty payments and licensing contracts from a multitude of digital content suppliers.

Music Publishing

The music publishing industry and record labels have created some of the most influential artists in history. As the industry continues to transition from physical products to digital content, managing music royalties has created an urgent need to automate tasks like royalty accounting, calculation of music publishers’ statutory rates, gross and net profit, and percentage sales at retail and wholesale levels.

Eliminate the need to manually cross check and efficiently account for royalties tied to multiple parties – with different rates – in a complete financial system. Take the guesswork out of global music sales.

music publishing royalties

What Music & Media Companies Can Expect

Execute Royalty Process in a
Comprehensive Reporting

Manage all your critical financial processing in a robust, all-in-one location. Our music & media solution grants the ability to obtain exhaustive reporting and manage your royalty processes across your entire enterprise

Split and Manage
Reserves Effectively

Easily hold reserves against future returns and track when they are released in current or future sales periods. We help companies with seasonal products – like recordings and posters – to stay protected against returns from retailers when large sales occur in future periods.

Monitor Available
Rights in Real-Time

Efficiently organize your acquired rights by platform, territory, and associated dates – including sell-off periods or grace windows. Our platform is designed to help companies proactively stay on top of all trademark usage and licensed properties.

Generate Royalty Statements
at the Click of a Button

Build custom royalty statements across all forms of content – as the renewed growth of the music industry and demand for video content continues to grow. The integrated features available in our Music & Media royalty management solution enables companies to quickly generate and manage statements in a centralized location.

Process Profits and
Sales Instantly

Account for net profit, gross profit, per unit, statutory rates (music publishing), and a percentage of retail or wholesales sales. As most entertainment properties have multiple parties involved – each earning a share of the media/music royalties – our software makes it easy to process a large volume of complex deals in an accurate, timely statement each period.

Our web-based platform is tailored to help music and media companies conduct fast & secure transactions around the globe. Our system is equipped with industry-leading identity protection techniques on encrypted transactions from servers across Europe and the USA.

Our team of royalty and IP experienced professionals is readily available to help you learn and implement our solution and guide you in converting your internal systems to our cutting-edge platform.

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