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Streamline Your Licensing Operation with our Brand Licensing Software

Dependable Solutions’ brand licensing software is designed to empower brand owners with smarter processes for themselves, their teams, their partners, and more. Learn how our software is revolutionizing the way brands manage licensing operations.

Conduct Reporting & Business
Analysis in a Data-Focused Platform

DSI makes reporting and business analysis simple. Our software is designed to equip you with the most relevant licensee data to smartly analyze your business and quickly pinpoint key opportunities. Take full control of your licensing operation with a data-driven system and ensure your brand is constantly moving forward.

Streamline the
Creative Process

Our brand licensing software was built to help brand owners avoid email overload and prevent submissions from falling through the cracks. DSI enables you to efficiently access the complete history of any submission and track creative samples with full transparency – making the approval process truly seamless.

stay updated with regular reminders

Stay on Top of
Licensing Operations

Our licensing management software provides vigilant reminders for brand owners to keep close tabs on all contract expirations, outstanding royalty reports, and pending product submissions in a central location. Our software eliminates the need to manually cross check and monitor multiple contracts to easily oversee performance, recoupments, and guarantee commitments – ensuring you are always on top of your licensing operation.

What Brand Owners Can Expect

High-Level Management: Build a
Better Future for Your Business

Access robust reporting to analyze your business and track your entire operation with KPIs. Our brand licensing management software gives you total transparency over your financial, creative, and legal operations to keep everyone on the same page. Integrate licensing data into your CRM or business intelligence system – and make sure all your decisions are backed with numbers.

Sales Department: Create Smarter
Business Development Strategies

Spend less time on admin busy work and more time on business development. Our licensing software is built to help you leverage comprehensive data to quickly find new opportunities to grow the brand. Get a crystal-clear overview of how each contract, territory or product category is performing to develop smarter, more profitable sales strategies.

Financial Department:
Manage Royalties with Ease

Stay on top of all guarantees across your contracts and receive consistent royalty statements in customizable templates. Our software quickly validates all sales for compliance with contract terms – as well as calculates and processes any third-party payouts. Maximize the system by comparing sales data against forecasts and measure performance with pinpoint accuracy.

Creative Department: Keep Your
Process Moving Efficiently

Eliminate long, confusing email chains and unwieldly excel files in DSI’s streamlined system. Review all your submissions and related comments in a single location and track pre-production and contractual samples from start to finish. Share assets and style guides securely with approved licensees, all at the click of a button.

Legal Department: Get a Complete
View of All Contract Terms

Oversee terms across all your contracts with a comprehensive view – including dates, licensed products, financial clauses, and other obligations. Track all trademark registrations for each brand licensing agreement to ensure factory and social compliance obligations are met – while keeping a close eye out for any infringements.

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