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Easily Scale Your Brand Licensing Agency operations with our all-in-one solution

Your brand licensing agency simultaneously manages a multitude of clients, intellectual property and brand owners, licensees and manufacturers – each with a unique set of contract terms, creative assets, product requirements and communication preferences.

Our licensing management software is designed to enable simple and highly efficient processing and tracking of all these moving parts – all housed within our single cloud-based database system.

Manage Multiple Brands
and Licensees at Once

Our solutions are tailored for licensing agents to easily onboard and manage multiple = brands and licensees or manufacturers with unique contract terms. Our licensing system allows you to organize and filter your contracts by client, intellectual property, contract status, revenues and more so that is easy to find exactly what you need when you need it.
Easily track the control points of a contract: scheduled guarantee payments, royalty statements due dates, release dates for licensed products, insurance renewals, and contract terms. You can control and grant necessary permission levels to your clients as needed, to access information about their product approvals, contract performance, product sales, royalty performance, in real time.

Calculate Royalties
for Hundreds of Clients

Our royalty tracking software calculates contract financials, licensee royalties and agent commissions, while simultaneously checking sales reports for errors, such as incorrect royalty rates or out-of-territory sales. Royalty overages and agent commissions are automatically calculated based on contract terms entered into the system, and against the payments and reports received from licensees.

Efficiently Generate
Precise Reports for Clients

Our brand licensing software saves licensing agents precious time by generating reports on licensee performance down to the SKU level. It helps you craft accurate, detailed, comprehensive reports for multiple clients covering all contract terms, royalties, commissions, and more – giving you broad and comprehensive overview of all your deals.

Ensure Compliance
in Every Contract

Our software ensures compliance with uncommon contract terms as you manage an increasing number of clients, licensees, and their requirements. The system makes it simple to abide by the terms of every brand licensing contract – and eliminates the need to manually cross-check.


What Licensing Agents Can Expect

Executive Management:
A Complete View of Your Licensing Operation

Analyze your business through robust reporting with defined KPIs. Our brand licensing software grants you total transparency with all financial, creative, and legal operations. As you integrate data into your CRM or business intelligence system, you can provide SKU-level reports to multiple clients at once capturing all contract terms, product approvals, guarantee payments and reported royalties.

Sales Department:
Create Smarter Sales Strategies

Dedicate more time to developing your business relationships – and less on admin work. Our DRM software helps you identify new opportunities via comprehensive data from system reports and broad overviews of your licensing program performance. Develop more efficient sales strategies with the right data fueling your decisions.

Financial Department:
Centralize Your Reporting Process

Manage scheduled guarantee payments, calculate, and invoice royalties, third-party payouts, and agency commissions with precise accuracy in an integrated solution. Access real-time financials both of individual contract and overall licensing program performance. Our solutions enable you to communicate via the system about late payments or missed reporting deadlines, reducing your number of emails. The system also provides for multi-currency reporting and individual G/Ls setup by licensor or brand so all your financial processing and reporting can be done seamlessly in one system.

Legal Department:
Guarantee Compliance in Every Deal

Oversee all contract management terms at once to ensure factory and/or social compliance obligations are met. Our solution allows legal departments to negotiate contract terms inside and outside of your organization, covering the most important deal points. All participant contract deals are captured by our system including contract numbers and types, parties involved, status, currency, terms, and reporting requirements.

Creative Department:
Create the Perfect Process

Customize your workflows to each client’s unique approval process. Our solutions lets you set the level of access and involvement in the approval process as needed by your agency or the brand owner, allowing users to either directly manage the approval process or simply review the process, track pre-production and contractual product samples, create visual catalogs of SKUs, and manage licensors’ digital assets and style guides securely.

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