Solve your licensing challenges with our Brand Licensing Management Software

Manage your licensing business with one easy, integrated solution for contracts, royalty calculations and reporting to brand owners. Our platform is built to reduce time lost to administrative tasks and make working with brands faster in a highly proficient way.

Licensing Is Most Efficient
in a Comprehensive System

Manually cross-checking contract terms, tracking & monitoring royalty rates, IPs, rights are time consuming and challenging. Our brand licensing management software saves precious time by providing all departments involved with your licensing program instant access to the information they need.

Deals Are Carried Out Smoothly
with Robust Tracking

Our brand licensing software enables you to track all financial and contractual obligations. Easily validate all sales against contract terms to stay compliant and avoid penalties.

Calculate Complex

Royalties and granted rights vary across contracts. As your program grows, managing your royalty obligations quickly becomes cumbersome. Our brand licensing software takes the pain out of calculating royalties by applying the correct royalty rate for each sale, and alerting you to any sales outside of contract compliance.

Save Time Filling Out Forms
and Avoid Penalties

Most brand owners require specific royalty templates to be completed each reporting period, like Disney, the NFL, etc. Royalties can be exported directly onto a brand owner’s royalty template, eliminating the need to manually enter data. Our solution also sends alerts of important dates and commitments to ensure you avoid costly fees, fines, and overdue payments.

maximize savings and stay on top of your licensing contracts

Maximize Deductions and
Allowances – Reduce Royalties

Taking full advantage of available allowances and deductions helps you reduce your net sales. Our chargebacks module will keep track of what deduction is taken and when, giving you the detail that you need to provide to your brand owners. Capitalize on return caps, brokerage, dealer discounts to maximize revenues.

What Licensees Can Expect

Top Management: Make
Smarter Business Decisions

Gather information and generate a multitude of reports from  our secure cloud-based platform. These reports will help analyze critical business intelligence and leverage data for future licensing business development. Our solution enables you to quickly filter and sort your data to get the information you need.

Sales Department: Increase
Insight on Contract Performance

Track brand licensing contract terms and corresponding sales and royalty expense down to the SKU level. Our licensing management software is built to help you analyze data, pinpoint new, profitable opportunities and develop smarter sales strategies.

Financial Department: Eliminate
Blind Spots in Accounting

Readily track your sales revenue, recoupment balances, and stay on top of any financial commitments. Our royalty management module automatically calculates royalties, flags any non-compliant sales and can even export royalties directly into royalty templates required by licensors.

Creative Department: Facilitate a
Seamless Process from
Development to Sales

Our brand compliance software enables you to track approvals quickly and efficiently. Our system empowers creative teams to log all approval dates and comments from licensors, keeping an approval history of all key milestones.

Legal Department: Stay on Top
of All Contract Terms and Events

Our convenient contract database helps you track contracts with licensors and agents. Get instant access to contract terms, track key dates such as renewals, expiration dates from anywhere.

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