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Managing royalty accounting can get complex - especially as the number of your licensing contracts grows. Tracking recoupments, past due royalty payments, and making sure all royalty statements are accurate can be extremely cumbersome. Without reliable royalty software, insights to your intellectual property and relevant information can be easily overlooked.

Dependable Rights Manager (DRM) is the complete suite to help you manage complicated contracts with different royalty rates for different product categories, territories, sales channels, and retailers.  Our royalty management software allows you to accurately manage your financial commitments across tens, or hundreds of contracts.

find out everything about your royalties

Find Out What You
Didn’t Know

One of the biggest surprises in licensing is finding out what you didn’t know. Are retail numbers being reported accurately? Are products sold in compliance with contract terms? You can’t lose hours from cross-referencing contracts.

Our royalty management software will not burden you with manual royalty calculation. With DSI’s royalty management software, all sales reported will be validated against their contracts while non-complying sales are flagged and royalty reports are fully compliant.

consistent sales reporting

Track Royalties
with Consistency

Our royalty management system assures brands that sales reporting is consistent and the information you want is being captured using customizable reporting templates. With consistent data reported from all partners, leverage the data to make the best decisions for your licensing program.

compliance monitoring

Instant Compliance

DSI’s royalty software automatically validates sales against the terms of your contracts. You will know if sales figures are incorrectly calculated and by how much. Insight reporting informs you if the sale was made in the correct territory, sales channel or retailer, and if the SKU was approved for sale. DRM’s royalty software ensures all partners are complying with their all intellectual property agreements and reporting royalties by following the best practices.

reports to analyze sales, royalties and overall contract performance

Business Analysis for
your Licensing Program

DRM provides you with comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling you to analyze sales and overall contract performance. See how sales are trending by retailer, IP, category, SKU, and more. Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to know which categories are trending, and discover new opportunities within your licensing program.

forcasting the best and worst case scenarios


With DRM’s forecasting, relevant information can be as detailed or as broad as you need. The forecast can be based on a variety of scenarios and adjusted to provide best and worst-case scenarios! Easily create multiple forecasts using actuals—helping you track performance and make smarter business decisions.

Our Process

Create Custom

If you are a Brand Owner or Agent, quickly create customized royalty report templates for licensees. Capture clear and consistent information that otherwise may not be included in a standard template. Sales and royalty calculations can be exported directly to a required template, reducing hours of manual work needed.

Licensees can save time in creating royalty reports for brands. Instantly load your data into the brand’s royalty template and email them off to your contact when required.

Ensure Accuracy and
Compliance in Royalty Reports

Royalty reports received by brand owners are validated with DSI’s royalty management and tracking module—which will promptly flag if royalties are not in compliance with contract terms. Confirm that all SKUs are approved, sold in the correct territory, channel and retailer, and be alerted if products are sold prior to their approved dates.

Licensees can download sales into DRM’s royalty processing module. Your royalties are calculated against the rates of your contracts, no more mixing up rates with the wrong IP, product category, territory or agreement. All sales are validated—you can be sure your royalties reported are accurate and compliant. Worry and pay less during audits!

Get Comprehensive

Licensors have the visibility of guarantee recoupment and royalties earned when royalties are processed. Brands can get instant access to contract performance—see which products are selling well and which are not. Compare how retailers and territories are performing.

As a licensee, you always know your financial commitments and where you stand with each of your partners at a glance. Identify trends quickly and forecast more accurately using new technologies of DRM.

Apply Discounts
and Allowances

Licensors always want to know how net sales were derived. With our royalty management module, licensees can choose when and how much of their contract discounts and allowances apply to quickly calculate net sales.

History kept in DRM provides instant access to how net sales were derived, eliminating hours of frustration and penalties during audits.

Ready to implement a better royalty tracking process? Talk to a Dependable Solutions expert today.

Ready to implement a better royalty tracking process? Talk to a Dependable Solutions expert today.

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