Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Importance of Protecting Your Ideas

Companies depend on the next big idea being the one that will skyrocket their company. At the very minimum, ideas are a vital tool in running an intriguing company. Venture capitalists take a more keen interest in startup companies that have a plan for success. That includes ideas that show the longevity of your company and long terms goals you hope to reach. Licensing these ideas will ensure another company cannot usurp you before you have had a chance to launch your ideas. Here are a few ways to protect your intellectual property.

How to Protect Your Business Ideas

  • Conduct Research About Intellectual Property. Learn the basics of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and etc. This is not an activity for just the CEO, the entire team should take the time to educate themselves to stop confusion before it happens.
  • Invest in an Attorney. If you do not have time, or the information remains unclear, seek help from a professional. An attorney who specializes in patents and licensing can clear up any terminology or information that has you stumped.
  • Investigate National and International Licensing. Know that if you have competitors overseas, you will not be protected from competition. Also use this time to look up IP searches online. Google has a great patent search that can get you started.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements are not just for the rich and famous looking to protect their anonymity. On a daily basis, your employees will be privy to all contracts, licenses, and other sensitive information. Which is why all companies should have their employees sign a NDA to ensure while they employed or leave, all information within the walls of the office.
  • File for Branding As Soon As Possible. By getting a head start on licensing and patents, you will ensure that another company will not beat you to it. Plus it will give you extra time to fully develop your idea and plan for the company. If there is one thing business owners wish they had, it is time.

Online Trademark Licensing Software

Seeking help from professionals is a tactic any company should employ. If you need assistance with branding or trademark licensing, look to Dependable Solutions. Not only do we provide assistance but help that can be provided online with our licensing software. For more information, visit our solutions page.


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