Dependable Solutions talks Sustainability with Products of Change

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Dependable Solutions Sales and Marketing Director, Rhys Fleming, is joined by Product of Change Editor and Community Manager, Robert Hutchins, in a discussion around sustainability, sharing best practice, and visions of the future:

Rob: Hello Rhys, it’s great to catch up. Let’s start with a bit about yourselves. What does Dependable Solutions bring to the licensing sector?

Rhys: Hi Rob – good to chat. We’re a software and services provider that has been helping brand owners, licensing agencies, and licensees operate more efficiently and effectively for the past 17 years. We’ve helped licensing professionals manage their approvals, royalty reporting, asset sharing, systems integrations, and more. Together, we’ve been able to turn all the amazing licensing data our clients are holding into information and actionable insights that they can use to grow and plot a course for the future.

Rob: You’ve been key supporters of Products of Change and the Sustainability in Licensing Conference (SiLC) from the get-go. What’s the company’s relationship with sustainability like?

Rhys: The hosting environment is a key element for us. We reduced the carbon footprint of our hosting environments by working with Microsoft’s Azure data centres. These environments are carbon neutral since 2012. By 2025, the hosting environments will be powered by 100% renewable energy. We are always looking at how to reduce impact. Crucially, we support our clients in their efforts to build sustainable practices into their licensing programmes. That support means different things to different companies; it could mean adding more complex workflows, collecting and reporting on new metrics, or keeping a record of a manufacturer’s sustainability credentials. We walk that path with our clients and make sure they have the tools they need to achieve their sustainability goals. We also love bringing our clients together and sharing our sustainability know-how with them. We do this through webinars, social events, and at our annual client summits. A rising tide lifts all boats – we thoroughly believe that at Dependable Solutions. It’s all about sharing best practice.

Rob: And how important will this be in driving sustainability across the industry?

Rhys: Products of Change’s very existence is evidence of how important education and information sharing is going to be as we move into an era where sustainability is a part of every decision we make. Seeing major players in the industry becoming more active in this area is fantastic. The LEGO Group, one of our clients, has been very active in the pursuit of sustainable operations and in sharing their expertise with the licensing community. The way the team has involved their licensing partners in the journey is truly inspirational. Once you’ve gathered this information, measuring the impact of the changes your making against sustainability criteria is another key component; what gets measured, gets done. Understanding the metrics associated with sustainability targets is crucial and will become even more so as legislation around sustainability practices becomes more rigorous.

Rob: Why is SiLC an important event to be a part of?

Rhys: The licensing industry needs SiLC. We need an event that is dedicated to sharing the latest best practice, inspirational stories, and challenges faced by licensing professionals as they work to secure a more sustainable future. We feel very lucky to be able to support SiLC. We love what you do and we’re really looking forward to next year’s event and those to follow.

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