Founder and author of Raugust communications, Karen Raugust will be the key note speaker at DSI’s client summit. Karen will help elevate the two day conference held at Jamaica Bay Inn, Marina Del Rey, California on March 18-20, 2019.

CEO of Dependable Solutions Inc., Marty Malysz notes, “Karen’s licensing industry experience and knowledge spanning over 30 years makes her the ideal speaker to educate our clients on important changes in the retail landscape”. Karen will discuss the key ways retailers are transforming because of new consumer shopping preferences. She will look at how these shifts affect the licensing community, including how they choose partners, negotiate agreements, and gauge the success of their licensing initiatives.

About LAS 2019

The summit is a collective effort on behalf of the company to provide all DRM users with an opportunity to learn more about the software and experience how other users are making the most of this all in one tool. DSI elevates their clients’ businesses by assisting them to gain a better working understanding of the DRM at this summit.

More information about the summit can be found on the company’s website at .

About Karen Raugust

Raugust Communications is a Minnesota-based company that provides information and editorial services for the licensing and merchandising business. Karen Raugust has covered the licensing business since 1990 by authoring trending information, market research and publications which focus on how-to topics. She has been quoted severally on licensing news and trends in top publications like The New York Times and co.

Karen serves as a contributing editor and licensing correspondent for Publishers Weekly, where she writes a column, news, and features about licensed publishing. As the former special projects editor for The Licensing Letter, she researched and wrote International Licensing: A Status Report, the Food/Beverage Licensing Report, The EPM Fad Study, and many other publications.  Karen has articles published in more than 50 magazines and can speak fluently about the business of licensing.

About Dependable Solutions, Inc.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. (DSI) delivers the latest financial management and creative approval systems and services to agents, licensors and licensees by experienced specialists with licensing, creative, and royalty backgrounds. DSI is based in Los Angeles, with offices in Dallas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Stamford, Atlanta, and London. The company has clients worldwide. For more information about DSI, please visit

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