DSI and HINGE GLOBAL join hands to embrace e-commerce!

Dependable Solutions Hinge Global partnershipJuly 22, 2020

Dependable Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce their strategic partnership with HINGE GLOBAL. This partnership combines DSI’s industry leading brand licensing software solutions with HINGE GLOBAL’s management consultancy and strategy-led services that help brand owners and licensees maximize their e-commerce business.

With this partnership, HINGE and DSI can deliver excellent licensing automation and e-commerce strategies to their clients. Together, their goal is to empower clients to unlock the full potential that comes with an optimized e-commerce program complimenting their licensing program.

The goal of each business is to provide their clients with an integrated solution to help grow their licensing programs.

About Hinge Global: HINGE GLOBAL specializes in helping licensees and licensors maximize e-commerce sales across Amazon, Walmart.com, and their own Dot-Coms. HINGE GLOBAL is a full-service e-commerce agency that provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions, such as creative design, copywriting, operations, demand planning, paid advertising, and data/business performance tracking. HINGE GLOBAL also provides data to monitor unauthorized sellers to help licensees take control of their online business. For more information, please visit www.hingleglobal.com.

About Dependable Solutions, Inc.: Dependable Solutions, Inc. (DSI) provides licensees, licensing agents, brand owners, and music & media companies with the most comprehensive and reliable software in the industry. DSI aims to streamline the day-to-day tasks in licensing operation and help their clients build a smarter business. DSI’s brand licensing software handles the entirety of the licensing process, ranging from development to design and approval to retail sales – while ensuring contract compliance and royalty tracking with detailed reporting. Please visit www.dependablesolutions.com to learn more about their services.

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