Dependable Solutions (DSI) and SPLiCE

Who is SPLiCE?

Founded in 2004, SPLiCE (The Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence) is a group of brand owners with an undying mission to continuously improve the nature and process of brand licensing. They are a community of licensors brought together via best practices to protect, promote, and enhance brand integrity across the board.

The Affiliation: Dependable Solutions and SPLiCE

Dependable Solutions is closely affiliated with SPLiCE as a solution provider.  Our brand licensing system is designed to help brand owners manage their IPs – and in turn – better maintain their brand integrity with an optimized view of all their licensing activity within a fully-integrated solution.

With the DSI system, brand integrity and consistency will not be compromised. This is because brand owners will have readily available data to oversee activity down to the SKU level – and know what is being sold based on sales channel, product category, retailer, or territory.

In the scenario in which an unapproved product is sold, or a product is sold out of compliance, the system will immediately flag it for review. i. This process significantly helps monitor licensees – and tell brand owners if they breach any of the contract terms.

Our Collective Goals

As the SPLiCE benchmark of success deals directly with organizational cornerstones of legality, marketing, and overall quality, our missions are a perfect match. The DSI brand licensing software constantly works to provide deeper insights into a company’s legal, marketing, sales, accounting, and top management divisions. .

Both SPLiCE and DSI are working towards the same goal: make the brand licensing process more robust and comprehensive.

Helping Brand Owners Maintain Integrity

DSI primarily focuses on functions that both impact and influence brand licensing initiatives.

Our goal with SPLiCE is to help enhance their existing processes and optimize their licensing program. The DSI brand licensing management software helps SPLiCE members identify and share industry best practices among brands to provide an overview of:

DSI has partaken in a number of SPLiCE’s events – we are a regular participant at the Licensors’ Summit. We were at their 2021 New Year’s Meeting and plan to be engaged with their community again throughout the year.

We are excited to see what is in store for us both!


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