SCRIBOS, a leader in B2B Digital Security is now a Dependable Solutions partner!


SCRIBOS, a KURZ group company, is a leader in B2B digital security. They offer a range of interactive labelling and marking solutions, which link their clients’ real-world products to digital platforms. SCRIBOS’s security tags and markings act as a secure gateway connecting businesses to the digital world.

These solutions play a pivotal role in the fight against counterfeiting and gray market trade. Their solutions also help businesses track and trace their products and better engage with the end consumer, gaining fresh market insights.

They also work with over 500 businesses across the globe, including prestigious brands like Peugeot, Bosch, Castel, Danone, and Chloé.

The Partnership: SCRIBOS & Dependable Solutions

SCRIBOS partnered with Dependable Solutions, and their brand licensing management software, to bring a new level of service to the licensing industry, through an all-in-one, integrated solutions.

By combining Dependable Solutions’ modules of contract management, tracking royalties and licensing product approval workflow with interactive security tags and SCRIBOS’s own software for managing authentications, consumer engagement and label ordering; SCRIBOS and Dependable Solutions can provide support throughout the entire licensing process.

Our Collective Goals

As partners, Dependable Solutions strive to support licensors and licensees with SCRIBOS in optimizing operations, increasing transparency, unveiling data, protecting intellectual property, and facilitating interactions with the end consumer.

Creating a Smarter Business World

This partnership will enable licensees and licensors to make smarter, data-driven decisions whilst operating efficiently, with the added security they need to operate in today’s complex markets.

Combining the skills, experience, and expertise of two category leaders, to deliver an end-to-end brand licensing management software and security label solution, is a prospect that has both companies, and the licensing industry at large, very excited to see what’s next for this historic partnership.


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