Dependable Solutions and HINGE GLOBAL Partnership


HINGE GLOBAL is a full-service eCommerce agency specializing in assisting licensees and licensors in optimizing their online sales. This involves various marketplaces, including (but not limited to) Amazon,, Target+, and their own Dot-coms. HINGE helps licensees take better control of their online businesses with rich data to monitor unauthorized sellers.

In addition to brand licensing, they provide a full-suite of eCommerce services in the realm of creative design, copywriting, demand/forecast planning, paid advertising, data/business performance tracking, and more.

The Partnership: HINGE Global & Dependable Solutions

HINGE Global partnered with DSI’s brand licensing software to provide both licensees and licensors with a foolproof method of tracking third-party sales on Amazon, and any other retail channels. Licensors can monitor licensed products’ sales down to the SKU level. More importantly, they can use DSI’s royalty tracking software to help licensees accurately calculate royalty fees and report to brand owners.

HINGE boasts a state-of-the-art estimation tool for Amazon sales – providing daily sales tracking on the product level. This data is used in conjunction with the DSI brand licensing software to provide a more precise estimate of royalty fees. From here, they can provide detailed third-party seller monitoring on either a weekly or daily basis.

Our Collective Goals

The mutual goal of HINGE GLOBAL and Dependable Solutions’ partnership is to offer important data points for their clients’ licensing programs and further enhance their e-commerce operations.

By combining HINGE’s solutions to track sales, optimize digital content, manage daily eCommerce operations with DSI’s industry leading brand licensing software – licensors can benefit from directly monitoring their intellectual properties and track unauthorized sellers online.

Licensees can also report royalties more accurately and adhere to brand compliance. Both brand owners and licensees are empowered with rich data to support their licensing programs with HINGE & DSI solutions.

We are excited to see what this partnership brings to the future of brand licensing!


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