Music & Media Royalty Management

Music and Media Royalty Management Software takes your royalties administration to new heights.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. (DSI) offers a comprehensive financial system designed to streamline entertainment licensing rights and your royalty management processes. Our integrated database, Royalty Transaction Solution (RTS) software empowers professionals in current music publishing roles across the entertainment industry.

The highly effective royalty management solution garners the responsibilities of rights holders to efficiently manage intellectual property, licensed rights, royalty rates and royalty payments in one place. RTS is built with specific functions, focusing on the needs of music publishers, media streamers, record labels, Video-on-Demand companies, and digital entertainment companies managing media catalogs and song catalogs.

The rights and royalty management solution from DSI is the most powerful content rights management software in the market today for copyright holders in entertainment companies. Eliminate any doubts about the accuracy of royalty payments, apply correct statutory rates and seamlessly manage your royalty management process with our RTS software.

secure access to licensing

Secure Access to Licensing
Files Anywhere, Anytime

From Los Angeles to New York and overseas – no matter where you are, our rights and royalties administration software enables you to access all intellectual property rights and licensing activities in seconds.

Grant 24/7 catalog access to your partners, third parties, and everyone involved in your contract and royalty management with specific permission levels. We ensure you are always in sync as a copyright holder with an unlimited list of partners, getting real-time updates in the United States or across the globe.

efficient management with regular updates

Efficient Management
of Payee Obligations

Our royalty management solution simplifies the organization and management of all your payees. Learn exactly how much you owe to songwriters, digital content creators, innovators, composers, agents, talented writers, and other intellectual property rights holders—all in one place.

Our rights and royalty management software provides regular updates with all pertinent information regarding statements and payments to ensure you stay fully informed every step of the way. RTS serves as a single digital payment platform solution for intellectual property holders in the music industry for managing royalties and content rights.

accurately track and organize legal terms, licensed products

See All Available Rights
from Licensed Properties

Our system lets you view all of your acquired rights from a licensed property by platform, territory, and sales type—as well as sell-offs and grace period reporting windows. All the information stays up-to-date in accordance with the rights you hold. Sort by contract type to accurately track and organize legal terms, licensed products, and more.

import sales data

Quick Importation
of Media Sales Data

Our royalty tracking software isn’t only for the music industry. RTS allows you to pull and track sales data electronically by invoice/SKU from major entities, including—Amazon, Apple iTunes, HBO+, Hulu, Google, Disney+, Sling TV, Spotify, YouTube, Yahoo, and more.

Our royalty tracking software covers a variety of streaming services, allowing you to quickly import performance data from multiple sources.

organize all the information on each of your licensed properties

Complete View of
Products and Properties

RTS organizes all the information on each of your licensed properties, by name or alternate IDs for easy identification. Index associate payments on a single product to multiple payees with varying rate structures and deductions.

Our Process

Enable Cross-Departmental
Visibility and Safe Access

Ensure all team members from Los Angeles, New York to Amsterdam and around the globe can safely access licensing information and documents. We use the latest MS SQL database and front-end software tools to protect users so you can work with any client’s financial software system without fear. All content rights management data and financial information is encrypted and hosted on MS Azure secure services.


Generate vouchers for each payee over a distinct threshold (i.e. over $15). Even if you have dozens upon dozens of payees to keep track of, RTS calculates royalty payments and sends statements when thresholds are not met. Payments are processed only when the royalty minimum is reached.


Automatically import expenses from your accounting system by category. Apply them against royalty statements to licensors to accurately recoup allowable fees, including—recording costs, video production costs, tour support, marketing fees, deductions to songwriters, and payments to influencers/producers with RTS. Your contract terms define the allowable expenses by category—including the percentage recouped or deducted.

Support Varying
Rate Structures

Manage different rate structures from publisher to publisher—including Fixed Unit, Percent of Retail, Percent of Wholesale, Net Income, Gross Profit, Net Profit, Fixed Fee, Minimum Statutory (MS), Statutory Rate (SS), and no royalty. Prorate all your media and music royalties’ rates by the percentage share of the product easily with RTS. Deduction rules allow you to place various conditions on each statement, and set up rate triggers based on sales units, amount levels, or recoupment position. This allows you to change base royalties to handle rate or unit sales escalations. Accommodate unit price sliding rates, wholesale sliding rates, and SRP sliding rates based on the volume price of sales transactions.

Easy Participations

Split out multiple payments to different owners on a single product in order to pay music publishers, record labels, co-branding parties, and third-parties. RTS enables you to easily manage payments that may be related to one another (net profit deals, subsidiaries, rights to heirs, etc.) from the original owner. Process royalties on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis period as defined in your contracts.

Efficiently Import
Digital Sales Data

Gather sales data from traditional ERP systems or other data sources, in addition to popular streaming platforms like Amazon, Disney+, Apple iTunes, HBO+, Hulu, Google, Pandora, Sling TV, Spotify, YouTube, Yahoo, etc.

Simple, Straightforward

Easily track all legal terms and licensed products with contract types based on artist, producer, digital owner, participation, music (mech and sync), and more in the music industry to ensure compliance. Once contracts are approved, RTS retroactively enables you to quickly gather all past sales transactions to create detailed, up-to-date statement summaries, in one digital payment platform.

Find All Products and Property Details –
At the Click of a Button

You can assign names or alternative IDs to index associate payments on a single product to multiple payees, depending on rate structures and deductions. Our rights and royalty management solution helps you to quickly find whatever you need, all in one location.

It’s time to take your music and media royalty management to the next level. Contact Dependable Solutions, Inc. to enhance your content rights and royalty management system today!

It’s time to take your music and media royalty management to the next level.
Contact Dependable Solutions, Inc. to enhance your content rights
and royalty management system today!

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