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Automate Workflows with advanced Product Development Software

Manage every cycle of your approvals and pull your entire team together with our comprehensive product management software.

Eliminate snags in product development. Conceptualize, create, and manage approval processes in one centralized location. No roadblocks. No hassle. No wasted time

track product development cycle

Fully Visible Product
Development Cycle

Our product development management software is designed to make each stage of the development cycle simple and fluid. Track everything from ideation to manufacturing, and handle launch to marketing in one secure platform with as many stages as you need.

expedite the process and eliminate unnecessary delays

Efficient Approval
Management Features

Lag time in approvals can cause major setbacks in product development. Our customizable approval workflow software is designed to expedite the process and eliminate unnecessary delays. Reduce downtime in your product development cycle and closely track all comments & approvals in a user-friendly interface – from start to finish.

product management analysis

Consistent Product Management
Analytics from A to Z

Developing and managing products requires dynamic data generation throughout submission forms. Dependable Solutions’ software makes collecting information and monitoring analytics both simple and productive. Get clear insights from all licensees, revoke approvals when needed, and keep your workflow moving with actionable data in your back pocket.

compliance to contract terms

Ensure Compliance
to Contract Terms

Eliminate the chaos in cross-referencing contracts with different agreement conditions. Our solution is built to ensure all product samples are properly tracked and confirmed to be in line with contractual terms.

Our Process

with Changes

You can finally conquer the age-old problem of minor changes on approvals. Once the approval reaches the final stage, your system will remind your parties that the changes must be confirmed prior to formal approval.

Get Customizable

All licensees get fully-customized forms tailored to the contract terms. Licensees can create documentation for products, territories, sales channels, and more – as specified in the contract. Keep your product development lifecycle consistent with custom-built forms.

Search for Submissions
With 30+ Parameters

Licensees, Licensors and agents can find submissions quickly using our robust search tool equipped with dozens of parameters – including product type, name, licensee, sales category, channel, and more. Stop wasting time digging for answers and get everything you need at the click of a button.

Configure Your Process Based
on Product Approval Stage

DSI’s product development tool lets licensors set customizable stages involved in their specific approval process. Reduce roadblocks and design the most ideal workflow for a seamless product development cycle. You can set the approval stages on each type of product and even skip stages on simple approvals.

Get Realtime Notifications on
Submission and Approval Status

Our product development software speeds up your time-to-market with a simplistic, streamlined process. As licensees submit for various approvals, our platform enables quick feedback from licensors for fast and painless turnarounds. Your new solution can email partners to review or make comments at any time. Don’t be left in the dark – get alerts in real time.

Track and Generate Reports
on Approval Status

Our product management software ensures you have full visibility on the history of all stages – on every product. Easily monitor approval statistics, pending submissions, as well as which items are submitted, need revision, and require final approval.

Rich History on Everyone Who
Brought the Product to Market

Our solutions help capture everyone’s comments, actions, and images at each stage of the approval process. Once your product reaches final approval, you have all this information stored at the SKU level for a full history of the entire approval process.

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