Licensing Contract Management Software

Centralize your licensing contracts

Contracts set the guidelines for your business operations.

Take control of your company’s licensing program with Dependable Rights Manager (DRM)- a complete suite to manage your licensing operation.

Our contract management software enables you to manage each stage of your contract lifecycle – providing your team with easily accessible information to make the best deals from start to finish. Track all your contract processes, enter custom fields, clauses, end dates and renewal dates to seamlessly monitor trademarks, royalties and approvals in one system.

getting more visibility with contract management system

Fast Visibility with an Integrated
Contract Management System

Our contract management solution provides full visibility of all your contractual agreements with your partners and stakeholders. We have designed contract management software to give more clarity in tracking contract terms, contract renewal or expiry dates, granted rights, even down to SKU level detail to ensure contract compliance

organizing every contract with smart filing cabinet

Contract Management Software
For Smart Digital Filing

Organize every contract with a cutting-edge cloud contract management solution. Oversee all renewals and amendments with detailed audit trails and attach necessary correspondence, including manufacturer agreements, social compliance documentation and more. DRM is built to grant you a complete view of contracts – from a deal memo all the way through to an executed agreement or amendment. Our contract management software enables you to store and use multiple contract templates in one system and organize your contract processes.

create a comprehensive product database

Product Database

Make your product database as user-friendly as possible. View all approved products within all your license agreements, sorted by multiple filters including licensee, IP, product type, SKU, and contract. No need to manually dig for product information anymore – use streamlined software license management for your product catalog instead.

reports for business analysis

Insightful Reporting and Contract Analysis

Instantly gain complete visibility of contract terms, summaries, approvals, SKUs, licensee and manufacturer listings with smart reports. Our licensing contract management software, in addition to our Royalty Management module, enables you to track sales numbers by product category, retailer, licensee, IP or territory. This gives instant visibility of potential gaps in your licensing business by identifying unlicensed territories, product categories, and low-sale products.

increase effeciency of staff's time

Increase Contract
Management Efficiency

Manual tasks in contract management increase errors and divert precious hours away from growth efforts. By automating tedious admin work, your staff can raise productivity. With your team focused on important metrics analyzing new strategies, licenses, data, industry best practices, or recent business developments, previously missed opportunities will be closer within reach.

build strong relationships

Build Strong
Relationships with Stakeholders

Keep consistent information for all licensees, manufacturers, and retailers in one intuitive database. Our easy-to-use contract management system helps build and maintain strong relationships with partners by reducing miscommunications and verbal agreements—making life easy for everyone involved.

Our Process

Manage Licensees and
Ensure Brand Compliance

Quickly run reports to see specific provisions in contracts to understand if obligations like insurance certifications need renewal—without ever pulling out a piece of paper. DRM’s contract management module gives licensors the ability to view the rights of each contract, including product, territory, and retailer rights and stay up-to-date with insurance, warranty or manufacturing certifications. Brand owners can easily keep their licensees informed with group announcements and notifications.

Search and Filter
Contract Data

Search through contracts by name, licensee, type, IP, and other criteria. Filter by deal memos, sell-off periods, and which contracts are currently active, fully executed, expired, or archived. With DRM’s royalty tracking solution DRM will monitor sales by SKU, product category, territory, retailer, IPs, and licensee.

Keep Close Tabs on
Contract Details

Actively follow guarantee commitments and recoupment terms, royalty rate escalations and minimum sales thresholds in contract management software. DRM’s royalty management module allows brand owners to confirm that all royalties and sales calculations are correct and licensees are in compliance with contract terms. If licensees miscalculate or misreport royalty rates, our royalty software flags the discrepancy and allows for a chance to correct the error.

Identify Missed

Eliminate the gray areas in your licensing program. DRM helps you find territories and product categories to expand the business. The system also identifies regions or products that are licensed but are not being exploited or have no sales—giving brand owners the chance to revisit those areas for improvement.

Generate Detailed
Reports in Minutes

See which IPs, licensees, product categories, retail channels, and sales/distributor channels are performing the best with detailed reports. Our integrated solution shows you which markets have the best and worst sales numbers, how SKUs are performing, and which channels need extra attention.

Take your licensing contract management system capabilities to the next level with us.

Take your contract management system capabilities to the next level with us.

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