September 15-16, 2020

Licensing Automation
Summit Virtual, Europe 2020

Dependable Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that their yearly clients’ summit is now virtual. The summit will take place over two days on September 15-16, 2020. The core objective of the summit is to equip clients with vital information to improve their licensing processes.

The team at DSI seeks this opportunity to develop a stronger and more interactive relationship with their clients, helping them better understand the key aspects of DRM through their clients’ conference.

Why should you attend?

  1. Don’t miss out on optimizing your knowledge within DRM functionalities.
  2. Practical tips and tricks to increase efficiency and better manage your business.
  3. Dedicated master class for beginner and advanced users.
  4. Killer “Happy Hour” session and top notch networking.
  5. What’s hot and trending in the licensing industry? How will you adjust in the new digital business landscape? Catch up on predictions and opportunities in 2021 to scale for the future.

Who should attend?

DSI Clients- Licensees, Brand owners & Agents are welcome
to participate and make the best use of the system.

‘’Avant- Garde’’

All times are in BST 

  • 11:00 AM

    "Avant- Garde"

    Our plans and your expectations in LAS Virtual

  • 11:45 AM

    Infinity and beyond

    Making digital assets sync

  • 13:30 PM

    Friends of DSI:

    Panel session with Tesa

  • 14:00 PM

    I hate entering contracts

    What about you?

  • 15:00 PM

    Meet the wizard

    The call to advanced approval workflow

  • 16:00 PM

    Friends of DSI:

    Panel session with Counterfind

  • 11:00 AM

    Reports in a box?

    Review report consolidation

  • 12:00 PM

    EOY Cleanup

    Embracing 2021

  • 13:30 PM

    Friends of DSI:

    Panel session with HINGE Global

  • 14:00 PM

    Follow the money

    Techniques for Income Statement receivables

  • 15:00 PM

    Deduction for the ridiculous

    Techniques for Payable financials

  • 16:00 PM

    Happy Hour

    Killer after- party

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