Licenses and Intellectual Properties

In this modern age when everything moves at a rapid fire pace, so must your ideas. In all the hustle and bustle, you must take the time to protect your ideas, or what is now known as your intellectual property. For most people, licensing ideas is an entirely new process as they have never heard of it before. With the help of a license professional, it is easy to protect your ideas. At Dependable Rights, we offer the services you need to establish your intellectual property as your own.

Setting Rights to Your Ideas

The initial step in the process is a core licensing module, known as the Dependable Rights Manager. It centralizes all the intellectual properties and property groups for licensors and agents. The manager ties them to a specific contract parameters, trademark registrations and related financial transactions. This will enable you to track correspondence with licensees and manufacturers. All of this can be found neatly organized so that you may check all licensed properties, products, skus, and documents.

We also have the Contract Workflow, which works to keep track of new applications, amendments of contracts, and renewals of contracts. There is a real-time tracking of contracts as well as having the ability to qualify new applicants and contracts.
There is also the Approval Workflow module that keeps detailed records of the product approvals. Through this module, you can view all submitted imaged, designs, and documents sent to the licensor or agent.

You might be thinking that it is convenient to be able to do all of these aspects online. But what if you need to speak to someone? We also have wonderful agents who are extremely knowledgeable in the field of licensing and intellectual property. They can answer all of your questions and guide you through the online process.

Online Brand Licensing Software

Ultimately, the beauty of our services is that it allows you to have the licensing software you need right at your fingertips. When that next big idea strikes, you can make sure that it stays yours. The modules we have listed are only the few we offer to keep your ideas organized. For more information, peruse our online site. Or for a free demo, request one by contacting us at 877-289-8431. Do not hesitate and let someone else nab your idea and get started with our software today.


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