Francais Licensing Celebrate success – Licensing Awards show in Paris

March 5, 2020 became a memorable date for the licensing group of France. Licensing International France first time ever hosted Licensing Awards at the auditorium of France’s premier television network TF1.

Everyone braved the weather and greeted each other with elbow shakes rather than the customary dual cheek kisses.  Dependable Solutions was happy to sponsor and participate in the awards presented to the lucky winners.

The French Licensing awards is a platform to recognize the excellent and dynamic work of licensing professionals annually. Winners were unveiled and 9 trophies were handed in a wide range of product categories, promotions, brands and retailers.

This year’s winners included The French Football Federation, Paw Patrol/ViacomCBS- SpinMaster, Sagoo/Zag Miraculous, and The Walt Disney Company- confirming the strength, creativity and energy of the French licensing industry. Dependable Solutions was a premier sponsor and joined Laurent Taieb, President and Florence Ayen,  Secretary General at of Licensing International France who organized the outstanding event to 150+ French licensing colleagues.

Marty Malysz, President of Dependable Solutions, Inc had the opportunity to present The Best Licensor/ Agent award to The Walt Disney company at the event.

Well done French licensing community!


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