Dependable Solutions, Inc. joins industry’s biggest digital gathering: Festival of Licensing!

Connections. They’re more important now than ever.

The world has been hit with a tumult, and this curveball has blindsided many businesses in 2020. Changes are afoot, and the licensing industry has been reflecting these changes every step of the way.

In this continually disrupted world, your licensing business partners need a global platform to connect, from anywhere in the world to navigate through their challenges and find their path to successful business collaborations.

As Festival of Licensing throws opens its platform on October 6th and continues its celebration until October 29th, Dependable Solutions is providing valuable resources to help brand owners, licensing agents, and licensees connect and succeed in today’s unchartered licensing space.

After the huge success at Licensing Week Virtual, Dependable Solutions, the leader in brand licensing industry solution provider, is proud to be in the first round of big-name sponsors and exhibitors at the bigger and more robust monthlong Festival of Licensing virtual tradeshow.

Dependable Solutions is sharing key insights it has gained through its years of experience in the licensing business that help connect and accelerate how you do business.

Register to gain access to Festival of Licensing as the Dependable Solutions team is all set up to welcome you to this virtual platform and join the global licensing community. Watch Dependable Solutions’ on-demand educational video seminars and book video meetings with licensing experts during Festival of Licensing- the digital supplement of Brand Licensing Europe, Licensing Expo, and Licensing Leadership Summit.


Festival of Licensing: Brand Licensing Europe, October 6-8

Connecting in a Disconnected World: How the Licensing Market Continues with Less People on Staff and No Physical Interaction

We have all been dealing with the challenges associated with no physical trade shows; Licensing Expo, Brand Licensing Europe turning into virtual conferences and no live events or theatrical openings. How can we connect in a disrupted licensing marketplace when we can’t meet in person? What are the best ways to approach these challenges?

Dependable Solutions’ President Marty Malysz discusses relevant approaches to connect and do your business through these disrupting challenges.

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Festival of Licensing: Licensing Expo, October 20-22

Who Moved the Finishing Line? Keeping Track of Where Each Process is While You Aim for Success in Licensing

In licensing, there are so many business processes that need to be followed. And some processes may differ from one side of the world to the other. Missed or unfinished processes have financial implications and become costly for any company. How can we maintain focus without losing our minds?

Dependable Solutions’ President Marty Malysz discusses tools and insights that help avoid missteps and keep your processes on track.

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Discover solutions designed to improve your licensing processes from sales to legal, creative and finance departments in your company. Join us at Festival of Licensing to chat with our industry experts about challenges in your licensing program and gain better insights about how we can help you.

Dependable Solutions is the Gold Sponsor Global C-Suite Summit, October 28-29  

Register here to join our panel session with seasoned industry leaders- Knowledge is Power: Throw Away Your Crystal Ball!

This panel of thought leaders will feature a peer-to-peer conversation of industry C-Level executives sharing insights and tips on how to avoid licensing and intellectual property guesswork and gain the powerful knowledge needed to succeed. Click here to add this session to your calendar.

Festival of Licensing has changed our traditional trade show experience into a digital format. We are thrilled to connect with colleagues and do business on an international stage through this virtual supplement. Discover how Dependable Solutions can streamline your business processes and upgrade your overall operations in a 15-minute call





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