Clutter-Free Desks Help Ease Stress

The second Monday in January is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This year it fell on January 10th. This day was created to prepare your workspace for the new year and begin things on the right note with clutter-free desks.

There are so many benefits to a clean and organized desk whether it’s on National Clean Off Your Desk Day or another day!

It’s hard to focus while dealing with clutter. Studies have even shown dealing with clutter or derangement can cause stress, can drain you of time and energy.

From the onset of a brand licensing program, there can be a lot of disorganization when hundreds or thousands of contracts, product approvals, and royalties are involved.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of derangement and ease stress is to find digital processes that help you track and automate. Digital solutions not only reduce paperwork but automatically track key milestones, deadlines, approved art assets, and more; whether you’re dealing with a handful of SKUs to thousands of SKUs.

Not all digital solutions are created equal. It’s important to research and find a digital solution that truly addresses your needs.

For example, time is of the essence for Edgewell Personal Care, a leading global consumer products company with a huge portfolio of brands including Schick®, Skintimate®, Playtex®, Hawaiian Tropic®, and Wet Ones®.

With so many properties and many approvals, inboxes were quickly getting clogged with notifications for pending approvals. By using a digital approval system with a customizable approval workflow module decluttered their processes.

It made creative processes move more smoothly and greatly reduced the time filtering through an abundance of email notifications. In addition, it allowed all parties–brand owner, licensing agent, and licensee–to be on the same page at the same time.

Learn how Edgewell revolutionized its licensing product approval system by partnering with the right technology.

For Feld Entertainment, a world leader in live family entertainment, one of their main goals in switching to a digital process was to speed up the time it took to approve products. That goal was swiftly achieved, and the use of a proper digital system quickly became beneficial to the whole company.

Pulling up items like contract terms became fast and easy. According to Jeff Bialosky of Feld Entertainment, “mentally, it improved the organization of the department and provided much more transparency internally and externally.”

Learn how Feld Entertainment achieved a more organized method for approvals, digital assets, and royalty tracking.

A digital contract management system can help you manage each stage of your contract lifecycle with smart digital filing. Reduced paperwork while providing your team with the key information they need to make the best deals from start to finish.

With Dependable Solutions’ digital contract management system you can track all your contract processes, have the clauses, end, and renewal dates in one fine arranged place.

Seamlessly organize your intellectual properties and track royalties and approvals in one cutting-edge workspace suite.

It provides full visibility and clarity with your partners and key stakeholders from the big picture (like granted rights) down to intricacies (like SKU level detail to ensure contract compliance).

By automating processes, you can raise productivity while decreasing errors. It keeps your staff focused on the important metrics to analyze new strategies. And it keeps your staff’s workspace free of clutter.

This National Clean Off Your Desk Day, clutter-free is the way to be!

Learn more about Dependable Solutions’ clutter-free licensing workspace suite that makes managing intellectual properties simple, and secure.


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