The Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange is the definitive shopping destination for unique gifts, original fine jewelry designs, extraordinary collectibles, artful apparel, home decor and more wonderful items not found elsewhere. Since 1973, Bradford has been sincerely involved in making meaningful gifts for a beloved one or a special something for yourself.

Being official licensees of today’s leading and renowned brands, their sports collectibles are championing the best of major sports leagues, movie memorabilia, animal and nature collectibles in an abundance to bring joy to everyday life.

Their challenges:

Bradford had a system that was run with a database called Paradox. With the upgrades for various new systems, the database was no longer stable running on their current operating system. They needed a system that had the capabilities to performing all the monthly royalty processes that they currently had and would help them to comfortably operate in the future.

Our solutions:

Bradford has been using DSI’s royalty management system for the past 14 years.

When asked why they chose DSI’s rights and royalty management solutions, Denise Plourde recalled, We went with them because they seemed to understand our unique business. They were able to make modifications to assist with various reporting requirements to aid with our various contractual obligations.”

Denise also adds that having unique classifications in their product extract enables their teams to report royalties more efficiently.

By being able to export data into excel helps their teams to analyze using categories that they created for specific vendors and aids in making company decisions on different licenses.

They are also enabled to recreate statements by pulling in royalty and advance activity together. As time goes by, they have found out that having a web-based program has really helped them under the current work environment.

Added benefits:

Bradford Exchange is pleasantly surprised with the seamless process of calculating royalties for various territories and sales channels while keeping their royalty information well organized.

The system allows their team to pull royalty and sales data for any given period in a matter of minutes. Denise also shares that they are able to modify the program to fulfill various needs required by larger brands. The advance by contract report feature gives the users a nice summation of all vendors advances and royalty activity under one report.

The team at Bradford is hugely benefited with the creative thinking our customer support has provided them in various situations as well as evolved their licensing program to suit their daily needs.

Bradford Exchange is happy with the wonderful service they always receive from our dedicated clients’ support managers and their way of helping Bradford through different roadblocks over the years.


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