Maurizio Distefano Licensing

Skilled at uncovering those perfect partnerships between licensors and licensees, Maurizio Distefano champions brand values, ensuring that only the best quality deals are struck and bringing great value to great products.

They are the leading licensing agency in the Italian market.

From hit children’s properties to life-style labels and publishing, Maurizio Distefano boasts an extensive portfolio of market leading brands including Masha and the Bear, Bing, Alvinnn, the Chipmunks, ISA_NASA, LIFE and more.

Their Challenge:

Before implementing DSI’s solutions, they were running their operations, and keeping track of information via Excel spreadsheets.

Later, with their rapidly thriving business, they came to realize that their licensing portfolios should be managed properly and securely.

Maurizio Distefano decided to change their perception towards adopting automation and they were looking for a specific tool. After evaluating many other solution providers, DSI stood out among those.

“Dependable Solutions was the one that suited best to our needs,” states Maurizio.

DSI Solutions:

DS has been providing solutions to their daily operational challenges, from safe keeping of business data to quick retrieval of contractual information, royalty processing and payments and more in one single location, to access information, beginning in 2017.

“Using DSI makes us feel safer in running our day-by-day business and more confident of the quality of the information we feed back to both Licensors and Licensees,” says Maurizio.

Additionally, DSI has been able to save so much time and energy of our work force from locating and manually digging necessary information from hundreds of contracts.

They are rather now enabled to focus on growing their business with the analytics our solutions shed light on- compared to the old way when data was sitting in Excel files on their local hard disks.

“All Licensors that we work with, have always noticed the accuracy in the information we provided them, and the agency has always been praised for providing accurate and timely information,” says Maurizio as DS helps him feel that their business is flourishing with better and efficient processes in place.

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