Evolution is a full-service licensing, brand management, product development, and sourcing firm, focused on identifying and monetizing all forms of intellectual property. It provides the “platform” that enables property and brand owners to monetize their IP by managing the entire licensing life cycle from initial concept through to the retail shelf. The agency’s clients consist of various companies such as Rovio and Viz Media.

Where They Are Today:

Before implementing Dependable Rights Manager (DRM), Evolution was using spreadsheets to keep track of all of its license agreements, along with a standalone solution for product development. They understood that as they grew, “it was necessary to invest in a structure that could comprehensively check that sales of SKUs are reported and provide integrated contract management,” said Managing Director and COO, Stan Lerman. Since implementing, Evolution has established and refined internal policies and procedures that optimize their clients’ business. They are able to keep up with clients across many different business verticals thanks to the detailed integration of the system. Utilizing contract management, product development, and royalty reporting, their DRM is equipped with data that empowers clients to utilize an extensive data source that betters their businesses.

Here To Support What You Do Best:

The team at Evolution is able to provide clients with the ability to function at a higher degree than originally thought possible, reports Director of Operations, Davin Levenberg. He explained how “having a controlled system is imperative to everything we do. Using DRM has given (us and our clients) the ability to view the performance of licensees across a wide range of factors to make sure that they are good partners for a new brand.” Lerman, says, “the biggest benefit has been the automated checking of submitted royalty reports back to the grant of rights and the exception reporting it provides.” “It has also been hugely efficient to have product development integrated such that the reported SKUs sold can be matched to SKUs approved.”

Investment and Reliability:

Having consistent, reliable availability of records and data supports Evolution’s efficiency and the relationships with clients. Levenberg touched on how DSI’s system has built a name for itself due to its reliability and accessibility even as a wide range of users are continually operating on the system. The system is utilized by everyone from the sales representatives who can follow their account performance and analyze success of contracts to licensor clients who are able to pull data information as it is live in the system. With the diligence Evolution has invested into their comprehensive system, they have expanded their service to clients and established an invaluable business structure.

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