Edgewell Personal Care

Edgewell Personal Care is a leading pure-play consumer products company with an attractive, diversified portfolio of established brand names such as Schick® and Wilkinson Sword® men’s and women’s shaving systems and disposable razors; Edge® and Skintimate® shave preparations; Playtex®, Stayfree®, Carefree® and o.b.® feminine care products; Banana Boat®, Hawaiian Tropic®, Bulldog® and Jack Black® sun and skin care products; Playtex® infant feeding; Diaper Genie®; and Wet Ones® moist wipes. The Company has a broad global footprint and operates in more than 50 markets, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and Australia, with approximately 6,000 employees worldwide.


From the onset of their licensing program, Edgewell was well aware of the intricacy and management that is involved in tracking the business processes for their large number of properties. For their product approval processes, email was deemed functional to track artwork approval in the beginning, yet quickly, long email threads were rendered inefficient because of lost emails, large attachments, and single user accessibility. Davi Tash, Senior Merchandising & Licensing Manager, acknowledged how “notifications for pending approvals were constantly clogging up my inbox.” With only email and little formal reporting procedures, it was imperative that a system was developed to organize the continuous maturing of the product approval processes.

DSI’s Solution:

With prior exposure to the capabilities of DSI’s system, Edgewell implemented the system in 2015, capitalizing on the use of the Approval Workflow module for product approvals. Tash explained the necessity to find a system that “documents concepts and stages of preproduction and production on a central system.” Using DRM provides records of changes and approvals, which are continually utilized while working with their licensing agent and licensees. “Productivity has changed by being able to review contents more quickly,” said Tash, “thus improving communication with licensees.”


Time is of the essence for Tash and the team at Edgewell, and having a reliable system that can be expanded and utilized according to their business goals and priorities is a huge benefit. While the primary focus has been using the system for product approvals, their growing business has spurred the investment of more time in the use of the royalty reporting module. In order to do this, Edgewell’s corresponding Client Service Manager at DSI works closely to train the team to further their processes and maximize royalty tracking. Tash commented on working with the team at DSI saying, “Every person I have worked with at the company has been very responsive and knowledgeable and have always been accessible.”

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