Brandgenuity is a global licensing agency who gets excited about great brand extensions. The right licensing partnership, beautifully conceived and executed, can elevate a great brand and delight its existing fans while engaging new ones. Beginning 16 years ago, Brandgenuity had one dream: to help strong brands unlock their potential through licensing. They think of licensing as business development, and Brandgenuity’s been truly privileged to develop businesses on behalf of world-class brands over the years. They have created products and services that are aligned with brand goals, brand values and brand DNA. They’ve been successful by acting strategically, minding the details, developing customized solutions for their clients and providing a one-stop, comprehensive agency solution for markets worldwide. Brandgenuity has offices across Europe, North American and Asia.

In 2016, Brandgenuity knew they needed a change to improve their licensing operations. They had explosive growth with multiple clients and more and more licensees coming onboard. They also grew their internal operations with more offices around the world all working to help their clients build better brand operations. Their international expansion provided a strong need to seek out web-based, integrated licensing solutions to pull together all parts of the licensing process from contract management, product approvals all the way through royalty administration. Product approvals drove systematizing workflow processes where clients had multiple touchpoints and wanted to see each other’s comments.

Brandgenuity choose DSI to provide different modules all integrated to help improve their relations with clients and licensees. They needed a robust process management tool. They also knew that established local client support in Europe was critical with a team who knew how to implement in key markets in their local time was very important. “Throughout the relationship, we have been able to influence how new functions work, especially in the financial operations,” says Andy Topkins, partner Brandgenuity. Brandgenuity had experience with an internal brand system through their clients making them a very informed buyer after experiencing the pros and cons of several different vendor solutions.

Once automated, Brandgenuity was able to do a much better job staying on top of licensee management. They analyze sales by category and country to significantly improve their ability managing brands across each territory. Their reporting process became much tighter with access to each SKU by licensees with line item detail by SKU reported in royalty statements. This process flagged products not approved or sold outside the terms of each contract. “One of our bigger clients, BMW, appreciated the added integrity, especially for their brand protection efforts. to better manage their brands more effectively. DSI brought more consistent processes to manage 100s of contracts and thousands of SKUS,” stated Andy.

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