Breaking Into The Business of Sports: Sports licensing 101

Insights into running a successful sports licensing program


President of Dependable Solutions, Inc., Marty Malysz, discussed the business of sports licensing during The Business of Sport Podcast with Nigel Fletcher, president of the International Sports Convention.

The International Sports Convention, the meeting place of the business of sport, provides multiple platforms and opportunities for those inside the industry and those who are willing to enter it.

Marty delves into how the licensing market works in sports, explains the roles of licensor, licensee, and licensing agent, as well as gives insights, advice, and case studies from his career journey during the one-on-one conversation with ISC. Listen to the podcast here

From his education to his journey of starting Dependable Solutions, Inc., Marty shares valuable insights into the sports licensing world and how sports licensing works. Discover his three tips into the future of licensing, how to keep ahead of technological advancement in the industry in the blog post here.


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