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Brand licensing is a detailed and collaborative process that can take time to complete—with DSI, it won’t.

As a licensor or trademark owner, licensing intellectual property takes a vigilant strategy to meet requirements and deadlines. Profitability starts with a smart licensing software integration to enhance collaboration between brand owners and third parties. You’ll be able to manage workloads efficiently, improve communication and partnership, and secure long-term success with licensors, licensees, agents, sponsors, and manufacturers.

The first step in managing multiple licensing contracts is implementing a centralized system that provides full visibility. To streamline your licensing operation, Dependable Solutions provides expert customer support from their years of experience. From managing contracts, tracking royalties, digital assets, to monitoring product development & the product approval process, our software suite covers all your bases.

contract management

Licensing Contract
Management Software

Trademark agreements in the licensing space require close monitoring of contract terms, compliance, expiration dates, amendments, and more. As your licensing operation grows, a workspace with built-in automation becomes vital for centralizing your licensing program. Dependable Solutions’ fully automated contract management system allows you to organize and maintain visibility to access all information in a few clicks—giving you full control of your licensing business.

product development

Licensing Product
Approval Software

Even the best licensed merchandise idea can fail without proper collaboration between licensee and licensor. From conceptualization, product development and manufacturing, to launch & sales, it’s best managed in a fine-tuned, well-organized system. Our product approval management platform is designed to track the full development life cycle for faster approvals and precise reporting, enhancing your workflow at every turn.

royalty management

Management Software

The key processes of automatic calculation within our royalty software solutions quickly verify royalties against the contract terms. Brand owners can easily discover under-reported royalties or missing revenue and process invoices through automatic royalty tracking. The royalty management module also lets you generate reports to measure sales performance at the SKU level and flag any discrepancies for noncompliance. With our system in place, brand owners can set notifications for licensees to remind them about upcoming royalty report submissions.

media and music royalties management

Media & Music Royalties
Management Software

Producing accurate and timely royalty statements gets increasingly difficult as volume grows. Music and Media companies need unique accounting key processes to manage deals, generate royalty statements / payments, and eliminate inconsistencies. DSI’s cloud-based royalty transaction solution enables licensors, music publishers, master right holders and video content suppliers to seamlessly administer everything in one place. Eliminate the time spent in checking invoices for good. Our software solutions allow your licensing business to stay on top of rights management, royalty accuracy, financial commitments and expedites your workflow.

digital asset management

Brand Asset
Management Software

Efficiently organize digital assets and style guides by IPs, theme, product type, or grouping within minutes. Dependable Solutions’ brand asset management solution allows you to limit permission levels for any digital asset, or product approval submission.

From a physical or remote workspace, in the U.S. or around the globe, important brand assets can be accessed from anywhere.

What to expect from DSI?

The partnerships you create and maintain in licensing can determine your success. As a solutions company with years of experience and dedicated customer support, Dependable Solutions’ brand licensing software suite can serve in bridging the gap among licensees, licensing agents, brand owners, music & media companies—or anyone else involved in your operation.

Highly Optimized

Dependable Solutions’ brand licensing software ensures your entire operation is detectable under one software suite.You can calculate royalties & rates automatically, and reduce time lost in manually cross-referencing with contract terms. Centralize your key licensing processes to optimize your brand licensing operation with DSI.


Miscommunications and unexpected obstacles can quickly compromise profitability with licensing partnerships. We have built our software to keep everyone involved in your licensing space on the same page, from start to finish. With DSI’s software, you can grant access to specific users while sharing digital assets between parties, clear up misunderstandings in contract terms as well as generate royalty statements to licensors’ requirements. With a full grasp on your licensing process and enhanced user experience you’ll improve relationships in & outside your workspace for smoother project turnarounds.

Robust Business

Analyzing data is key to find success in the licensing workspace—Dependable Solutions’ software collects and updates data throughout licensing processes for smarter business analysis. Get valuable performance insights in real time and constantly improve your operation with rich data.

Secure Storage &
License Management

Dependable Solutions’ platform is designed with strong fences to relentlessly check for vulnerabilities in data storage & management. DSI’s IT experts are continuously implementing new & proactive measures against breaches, carrying out security updates and privacy policy. We validate users to ensure GDPR compliance to make your licensing operation fully secured.

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