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Make Sharing and Organizing Easy

Brand Asset Management (BAM) is an essential licensing business process to store, organize, share and approve important brand assets to maintain brand guidelines. Our Dependable Rights Manager (DRM) serves as your one-stop-shop to provide secure access to brand logos, documents, artwork, videos, and other files in a centralized location—and manage digital rights and permissions.

Maintaining brand consistency becomes effortless between brand owners, brand managers, licensees and their marketing teams, with our brand asset management software.

You can stop getting lost in email attachments and get everyone in your operation on the same page.

organize all the assets in a centralized database

Organize Assets into a
Central Database

Our brand management software streamlines the management of all your digital assets and serves as an asset bank for you, your team members and external stakeholders. You can easily set up catalogs, organize creative content and style guides in folders within a user friendly system. Style guides organized in folders helps licensees follow best practices in new asset creation. BAM will also serve as a brand portal for your licensees, sales teams and licensing agents to access any digital files:

  • Artwork/ Design Templates
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files
  • Marketing Materials

All your brand assets are securely kept in our easy-to-use brand asset management software solution.

effecient file sharing

Instantly Share
Brand Assets

Our brand management software is the best way to securely and electronically share brand assets. You can grant access to licensees, brand managers, creative teams, or agents to access digital assets as needed. This helps to maintain brand identity, and brand integrity while keeping the creative function moving smoothly. In addition, our brand management software allows you to efficiently review, share, and download any brand material or marketing content—all at the click of a button.

content management

Content Management

Making sure licensees or agents only have access to the latest logos, artwork template or marketing materials is now easier than ever. Our digital asset management system (DAM system) makes it simple to upload or share new brand collateral. Brand owners, licensees and their internal teams, from CMO to sales teams, can stay on top of all brand asset management tasks without sacrificing the integrity of your digital assets.

control digital asset sevurity and privacy

Permission Levels

Our digital asset management software puts you in full control of your brand asset security and privacy. With our custom BAM software, you can control access levels to licensees, manufacturers, or agents. You can limit visibility to external users with custom access levels to view, download, and edit assets inside our brand management tool. Format permission levels and choose who sees your brand materials, ongoing campaigns and enjoy superior customer experience, powered by advanced BAM technology.

reduce communication delays

Reduce Delays
in Communication

With our digital asset management solution, brand managers and licensees can directly access and use any digital file or style guide at their convenience. With a full presentation of all brand assets available inside our BAM software, it reduces delays across time zones and workdays, no matter where anyone is, anywhere in the world.

Our Process

Securely Manage
Your BAM Library

Widen the power of your licensing operation by uploading all your digital assets to a secure brand asset management database. House multiple file types in one location and easily organize brand assets in folders, catalogs and sub-catalogs within those folders.

Find All Digital Assets at
The Click of a Button

Our DRM system automatically optimizes images for full-size viewing. You can easily access and download images and brand materials within seconds, honing the creative process and produce licensed merchandise faster. Licensees can also use these assets with their marketing, sales team members for content marketing and social media campaigns.

Search & Filter
Your Asset Bank Efficiently

Stop digging for content manually—tag your digital assets by keyword terms and/or property for quick accessibility with our brand asset management tool. DRM’s improved search capability allows you to quickly filter by tags, author, artist, keywords, and IPs to locate images and catalogs promptly.

Dynamic Editing and
Asset Management

Assign and edit key details for all of your assets. Our DRM suite provides a refined IP association capability in which you can link assets to IPs for a streamlined operation.

Get the Full Download
History With Our BAM System

Using our digital asset manager will give you full visibility on all the previous download activities. You’ll easily see which assets are being used more than others, while monitoring who is downloading your assets the most or least.

Leverage Digital Asset
Data for Business Analysis

Generate detailed reports on asset usage by the user. Track statistics related to downloads, users, companies, and more for smarter business analysis.

Streamline your digital asset management workflow in a centralized, easy-to-use system today.

Streamline your digital asset management workflow
in a centralized, easy-to-use system today.

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