Who We Are?

We enhance licensing processes by providing secure automated solutions for managing intellectual properties and royalties.

Dependable Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of brand licensing software

be it contracts, royalties, digital assets, or product approvals. Our comprehensive automated system streamlines licensing processes within licensors, licensees and agents.

We boost revenues by automating all the tasks involved in implementing and overseeing a brand licensing program, hence improving communications among departments, and enabling top management to make strategic decisions through better business intelligence. For Licensees, we improve the accuracy and speed of reporting to brand owners while taking advantage of all available deductions.

Our teams at Dependable Solutions, Inc. have worked in the brand licensing industry for many years. We know first-hand where the major snafus, bottlenecks, and inconsistencies lie in the clog up licensing processes – and we have made it our mission to eliminate them

What sets us apart?

We take no shortcuts or compromises in the services we provide as a solutions company. Our priorities help us deliver the best client experience, service, and company culture. We value time, and we aim to save yours.

Global Support

Dependable Solutions, Inc. offers the best-in-class customer service, information technology and security teams. Partner with your enterprise to provide you with a solution to solve your operational challenges. Our experienced staff of licensing experts are here to review and improve your business processes using best industry practices – learned and refined from hands on experiences over the years.

Dedicated and global client support and account managers are with you every step of the way, from implementation to ongoing support. We operate with full time personnel in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Licensing Automation

DSI holds summits to better equip clients with the latest in licensing technology, as well as industry policies & practices to improve their licensing processes. The conference is popular amongst clients because it provides them with an extensive knowledge-based platform – along with a great scope for networking. Visit to learn more.

Why Dependable
Solutions, Inc.?

We provide licensees, licensing agents, brand owners, and music & media companies with the most comprehensive and reliable software in the industry.

We streamline the day-to-day tasks in your licensing operation to help you build a smarter business – and stop drowning in time-consuming tasks. We handle the entirety of the licensing process, ranging from development to design and approval to retail sales – while ensuring contract compliance and royalty tracking with detailed reporting.

Our solutions save licensors, licensees, and agents time by automating many of the tasks involved in implementing and overseeing a licensing program. Our software improves communication practices throughout your operation – and gives you valuable insight to make faster, smarter, and more accurate decisions.





Dependable Solutions, Inc. has its headquarter located in Los Angeles, with office in Europe & Asia.

We serve 70+ clients spanning the globe, including Australia, United States, Spain, Denmark, China, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Sweden.

Meet our Team

Marty Malysz


For 30 years, Marty has provided automated licensing and royalty systems. In January 2005, he founded DSI after selling his music licensing automation company. Marty loves solving complex licensing process challenges. His superpowers are perseverance and ingenuity and building long lasting relationships. Marty graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Economics Systems Science. He served as a board member of Licensing International and enjoys his family, gardening, running and playing basketball.


Amy Malysz

Director of HR & Accounting

Amy has 20+ years of experience with both banking and software implementation. Her priorities of superior client service and employee morale are exemplified through developing strong relationships as she collaborates with DSI teams. Amy earned her BA in Economics at UCLA where she met and subsequently married DSI’s own Marty Malysz. She is an avid Charger fan, and is eager to see them play in the new SoFi stadium.


Debbie Olshan

West Coast Sales Director

Rhys Fleming

Sales Director, EU

Marie-Louise Culbert

Client Services Account & Project Manager

Paul Hucker

Associate Director Client Services

Lana Skvirchak

Client Services Account Manager

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