Simplify Your
Licensing Business

Time is money – and manual tasks can quickly slow down the brand licensing operation. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve found the best results come from smart automation. All information for your licensing program should be available in one, centralized location that provides you with full accessibility and control.

Dependable Solutions is a one-stop brand licensing software designed to simplify your operations. Our program is built to reduce wait times with a robust notification tool, ensure compliance, and vigorously track sales & royalties in a fully-automated system. Streamline your day-to-day activities and dedicate more time to growing your business.

Contract management has
never been easier!

Businesses are only as good as their organizational practices. When information is able to slip through the cracks, deals are missed, valuable time is lost to confusion, and revenue is lost.

Our leading cloud-based platform allows you to manage all contracts and contract terms in a centralized system. Get notifications of expiration and renewals, complete contract overviews, and maintain information from all your deals at a glance through one contract tracking software.

Faster collection,
better sales forecasting

Your ability to accurately track and analyze royalties is directly tied to business growth. Calculating royalties requires a foolproof system to precisely gauge performance metrics across brands, licensees, channels, products, and territories.

Our integrated solution eliminates roadblocks and confusions in drawing rich, actionable data from business reports. Quickly find missing/under reported revenue, monitor marketing fund commitments, and track rates and sales commitments in real time. Track your minimum guarantees and recoupable advances with ease.

Make more
strategic decisions

Today’s licensing business requires the ability to make good strategic decisions. Licensing programs needs a system that not only tracks key data points but also generates user-friendly reports with meaningful insights for growth.

Dependable Solutions allows you to pull in sales and royalties electronically and generate detailed reports at your fingertips. Our system empowers you to easily access/analyze metrics, track sales & trends, and measure performance under a microscope. Make more educated business decisions and continuously boost revenue.

More than just
product approvals!

A flexible approval system efficiently routes product approvals, marketing materials, packaging, and much more. All information submitted from licensees should be complete and consistent with full history of submission available. Reporting needs to show approval statistics, approval status, pending submissions, and more.

Dependable Solutions’ approval workflow software allows licensors to configure submission stages, assign who’s involved at each stage, and automates your approval workflows. Our solution is built to automatically track approval activity, keep licensees compliant with contract terms, validate all submissions automatically, and eliminate unapproved requests.


Easily track complex contract terms, calculate royalties & rates, create detailed brand reports, and gain invaluable business insights.

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Brand Owners

Track all royalty payments, product approvals, performance on an SKU level, and ensure compliance in a fully-automated system.

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Licensing Agents

Effectively manage multiple clients & their brands, licensee contracts, and track third party payouts in a centralized database.

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Music & Media Companies

Run complex calculations, royalty accounting and statements to licensors, publishers, and master rights holders.

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